About Sheila Harden

Hi, welcome to Sheila’s website.  She is a single parent of a teen daughter.  Sheila came to the Lord in her late 40’s.  She has her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Speech Pathology and Audiology and her doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  She loves to talk to people about what they do, their passions, and especially how the Lord uses them to create miracles in people’s lives.

Her mission is to encourage women to step out into the ministries the Lord has called them to.  The seed of the radio show on the Internet was planted in her heart a few years ago when she saw the potential of the Internet to reach women who needed encouragement.  In God’s perfect timing her computer stopped working and a very smart tech guy was called to help.  When he had solved the problem, she was prompted (by guess who) to ask him “I have been thinking about a radio show on the Internet.  Do you think that is possible?”  He said, “I don’t know but I will check it out.” The next day he had the software and the hardware and she was on the Internet radio that week!  At that time she had very little computer experience and even less radio experience!  When the Lord is ready and you are open, miracles happen fast!!